Development Process



As a developer, ICARE Energy‘s activities cover the complete process from the initial feasibility study, the search of the correct site and location, the choice of the suitable  technology, initial governmental or local approvals, contract negotiation, financing and plant operation and maintenance.


Project development always begins with an idea. To test whether such idea can be turned into a commercially viable project we developed a special screening procedure, which looks at all aspects relevant for a successful project investment.


Once this process has given a green light, our team of expert developers starts the process to secure all necessary permits and rights, negotiate all relevant contracts and tender out the technical solution. Based on these ingredients we arrange a costumized financial solution.


Based on the expertise and experience of our team, ICARE Energy has successfully taken the role of a power partner in both the technical development and financing of a power plant, working closely with equity investors, governments, utilities, municipalities, local and international financial institutions.




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